about dave

My interest in typography started at an early age, taking the Philadelphia subway to school and back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Only an hour from New York City, the Philly subways were just as covered in graffiti as were the subways of New York. I remember checking for new styles daily, watching the bubble letter style evolve into the wildstyle. I kept track of my favorite writers such as Credit, JayCee, Met, Tap, Bucks, and Espo. Those images poured themselves into my psyche, leading me to a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Oregon and an awesomely fun career in graphic design & illustration.

VaporDave with one of his all time idols, Tommy Chong, at the 2016 International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco.

origin of a name

The VaporDave custom vape setup. Michael Rose of Black Uhuru has signed this
box (barely visible in silver paint pen to the left of the sticker), and Jack Herer
has used it as well. So has Ed Rosenthal but there's no pic of him, and I plan to
get Tommy Chong to use it and hopefully get a pic too. Best vape flavor ever.

Way back in 2005 a friend of mine gave me a Vapor Brothers vaporizer; one of those wooden box models that comes with a plastic hose. Not being especially fond of plastic, I promptly lost the hose in a hotel room one night. When I arrived back home, I really wanted to keep using my vaporizer as I'd discovered that what I loved most about it was what it didn't do…leave that foul taste of burned resin in my mouth.

After going a few days without my vaporizer, a friend stopped by with another friend of his who was a glass blower. They wanted to use my vaporizer, but alas, there was no way to use it. Then the glassblower guy said he could make me something that would fit the element in the wooden box. He took measurements and came back a few days later with the piece shown here, which I've had ever since. It's now 2016 and the piece has broken in half three times and been re-blown three times; each time it broke the break was very clean and easy to fix with a torch. The box itself is on its third element as well; the lifetime warranty sure did come in handy. The first replacement was really nice as the original element wasn't ceramic, it was metal, and that means it off-gassed really nasty stuff that you couldn't taste but was really bad for you.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The name VaporDave was first given to me at a poker game in 2005. I'd taken to bringing my vaporizer wherever I went as I simply couldn't stand the taste of resin any longer (even a green hit on a fresh joint tastes like smoking a bowl of resin to me compared to a hit from the vaporizer). The poker game was a few blocks from my house, run by a group of guys I didn't know, and as I was leaving one of them asked me for my phone number. I gave it to him and he said "I'm putting you in my phone as Vapor". From there it just kind of took off, with everyone calling me VaporDave, then Vapor, then simply Vape. This was way before the word vape was ever heard of or used by anyone, so it's kind of nice to know I was way ahead of trend without even trying…story of my life…

"One who vapes is a vaper, not a vapor"

—Grower in Williams, Oregon

"Vape" becomes Oxford Dictionary's 2014 Word of the Year

—VaporDave has been in people's phones as "Vape" since 2005