Berkshire Roots New Website Design

APRIL 03, 2021 – Working with a friend in the cannabis industry who was my WordPress back-end guy when I was the Creative Director for the International Cannabis Business Conference, I just finished designing a brand-new website for a cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts. The dispensary, known as Berkshire Roots, specializes in making their own cannabis products such as tinctures, edibles, and concentrates, using cannabis flower they grow themselves.

This was a fun project to work on because it let me learn to use the WordPress theme called Pro while getting paid to look at photos of weed and be on Zoom calls with executives while having my vape plugged in. Definitely the perks of working in the cannabis industry as opposed to say the cardboard box industry.

The priority of this website re-design was to optimize for mobile usage, specifically the embedded dutchie cannabis menus. Also a priority was a page for Berkshire Roots to show off new and existing products with rich content that was geared towards better SEO, as apparently the dutchie cannabis menu system is not SEO friendly due to the extreme slowness of the federal government and the DEA to remove cannabis from the list of “dangerous” Schedule 1 Drugs.

Although the design of the Berkshire Roots website is 100% mine, I was subcontracted to do the work by an agency called Thndrstrm, which is basically my back-end guy, his friend who is the schmoozer guy that gets us the accounts, and myself. Supposedly I’m going to be asked to create a website for this agency at some point in the near future, but right now there is no website for them/us/me. So, I wish I could say there’s a link from the Berkshire Roots site back to this site but alas, there is not.

The site is set to launch at midnight tonight, and can be found at