When beginning a round of disc golf it’s good to know which herb to vape beforehand if you want to throw an epic round. If you just want to be super irie and miss ten-foot putts there’s definitely herb for that too, it just depends on what you want your round to be like. Personally I find missing ten-foot putts annoying so I stick with the herb that’ll give me back-to-back fifty foot birdies.

What herb can you vape that will enable you to hyper-focus on making those fifty-foot birdies? Well, as of a couple days ago, that herb is Jellyface, an amazing variety I recently discovered through a grower friend who kicked me down some of his best indoor varieties and asked me to write reviews for each one since I’m somewhat of a super weed snob and have been vape-only since before vape was even a word (my nickname Vapor - and the derivative nicknames of Vape and VapeDave - was originally given to me in 2005, see my bio for more about that). When the word vape was officially introduced to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014 I received numerous congratulatory emails.

Anyway, back to my original thought process here (sorry, had to take a break mid-sentence on that last paragraph to make a homemade iced-latte). I didn’t want to write the typical weed strain review, and I figured it needed something more to tie it into a typical event in the daily life of a weed connoiseur, so I decided to write a review for each of the strains as they pertain to disc golf, beginning with Jellyface.

A friend and I pulled up to the used-to-be top secret course in the mountains of Southern Oregon, where there are no baskets, only posts with three coffee cans stacked on top for the target. I had just received a portable basket in the mail and assembled it and had it in the back of my car for its virgin debut at this legendary course. Our plan was to lug it up to hole 1 and then down to hole 2 which was close to the car, and then put it back in the car and play the rest of the course using the traditional targets of the posts with the coffee cans. We had my old school vape plugged into the back of the car where VW was nice enough to include an AC outlet, and a tote bag from a cannabis conference (remember those days when people could mingle at conferences, ah, those were the days, hope they return soon) filled with little jars containing the various varieties of weed my friend had given me. We looked through the jars trying to guess which one would best suit our disc golf game and the white frosty nug of Jellyface spoke to us, telling us that she would be our muse if we wanted to make ridiculously fantastic fifty-foot birdie putts.

With some live Bob Marley playing out of the Fender sound system in the VW, we each took a vape hit from what is still the best vape on the market, the old-school brown box with the ceramic heating element from Vapor Brothers, combined with a handblown glass piece that has zero offgassing from any batteries or heating element the way all the portable vapes do these days. I even took it a step further and used my mouth as a water chamber in lieu of a bong, essentially taking a giant bong hit from the vape.

Thus mentally fortified my friend and I flipped our discs to see who would go first (odd or even, with odd being one disc right-side up and one upside down, and even being both discs either right-side up or upside down). I always call even on such flips as every number in 420 is even, and I often win the toss.

On hole 1 we each threw amazing drives, but I didn’t make the birdie as it’s pretty much impossible to birdie that hole. I was hoping to hit my first birdie ever on that hole as we’d placed my portable basket right next to the coffee can target (as shown in the top photo), but it didn’t happen. However, my friend did make about a forty-foot par save on that hole.

On hole 2 we each threw drives that were too good, extending beyond the fairway (which curves downhill and to the left, with the “basket” out of sight). Standing almost inside a fir tree (as you can see, the course is heavily wooded and deep in the mountains), I lined up the fifty-foot approach to the basket and let it fly. Halfway through the disc’s flight in the air it nicked the end of a branch of a young Douglas Fir tree, causing it to veer slightly to the left and into the basket. I was so stoked to have hit a long distance birdie on my brand new basket on only my second hole, and the funny part was that the throw was heading directly towards the original target (you can just barely see part of it to the right of the basket, behind the foreground tree in the second photo). It seemed like either way the Jellyface was providing me with a birdie opportunity.

Then on hole three I hit an early tree on my drive, but was so charged up by the Jellyface vape that I wasn’t even slightly deterred. I lined up another fifty or sixty foot birdie attempt and let it fly again, knowing that it was going to hit the target (this time it was the traditional post with the coffee cans), and sure enough, it did.

Alas, niether of us had brought a portable vape so the Jellyface started to wear off after finishing the front nine, and I ended up bogeying five out of the last nine holes to put me at +2 for a final score. Still, it was one of my better scores for that course, and my personal best record of four birdies on the front nine was definitely facilitated by the vaping of Jellyface. How do I know that Jellyface helped me? Well, it was my first time ever vaping it, and my first time ever hitting four birdies on the front nine. Some might call that a coincidence, but not me.

Where can you find this amazing Jellyface variety? Well, I’m sure it’s available lots of places, but if you want the exact phenotype I vaped you can find it at my friend’s retail store in Portland, Oregon called Papa Buds.