VaporDave’s Tips & Tricks – Don’t Trim It!

In honor of Budimals Common Sense, the cartoon from the classic magazine Sinsemilla Tips, VaporDave offers you his first entry in his new series on cannabis on this Saturday, April 20, 2019.

The 4/20 holiday is a long time after the previous fall’s outdoor cannabis harvest, so what to do when you still want your weed to be sticky to the touch for that oh-so-crucial 4:20 minute? It’s simple, don’t trim your weed when you harvest it. Just take it off the main branches after it’s been cured (hung up to dry) and that’s it, you’re done.

Put the untrimmed flowers into an air-tight glass jar and keep it stored in a cool, dark place. Your weed will still be oily and sticky when you pull it out, and all you need to do is to remove the leaf material that’s protecting the trichomes and pack a bowl in your favorite flower vape.

All the terpenes that disappear almost immediately with bud that’s been trimmed will fill your mouth with flavor, and you’ll be rewarded with the knowledge that you resisted the urge to trim your weed to conform to what I originally called the LA Vanity Trim (the process of paying people to overtrim your weed of all leaf matter, as if it’s going in the vape right then, as opposed to the reality which is that it will be packaged up where it will then get handled and re-handled so many times before the end-user gets it that it will have much less flavor and potency).

A grower friend of mine and I once decided to conduct an experiment. He harvested two beautiful cola buds and then we each got one. We each cured the buds for about two weeks, letting them hang in a temperature controlled environment to fully dry. He then trimmed his cola super tight (as is the custom these days) and I didn’t trim mine at all. We each then put our colas into an air-tight glass jar and didn’t touch them for six months. When we pulled them out and compared them, my cola had actually developed more trichomes, and was amazingly sticky and fresh. His cola had lost much of its scent, and wasn’t sticky at all, and was rather dry. The taste and potency of the cola I had not trimmed was far superior to his trimmed cola, and the truth was out.

It’s baffling to me to hear growers talk about a trim job as “shaggy” and to say that they want it “tight”. Where did this backwards thinking come from? Do the growers actually think that their freshly trimmed bud will look as pretty to the end-user as it does to them at the time of trimming? Do they not understand what touching and handling the bud does to its appearance? Just think of the benefit of trimming according to nature rather than some poorly thought out method. The growers wouldn’t have to hire trimmers or buy expensive trimming machines, the product could get to market more quickly, and the consumer would experience a much better product. The grower could even account for how much extra weight the untrimmed material added to their harvest and give a discount to the wholesaler based on percentage of leaf-matter, and the wholesaler could pass that savings on down the line, resulting in the consumer buying untrimmed weed that they could then trim themselves as needed, right before packing a bowl.

And the trimmed leaf the consumer removed could then be saved up to make things like RSO or even good ol’ fashioned brownies. It would be a win-win all the way around, and all it would take is some educating of both growers and consumers. Once the consumers figured out the truth, they’d demand their weed untrimmed, instead of the backward way it’s done today.

So please people, implore your dispensary to implore their growers to correct this disastrous trend of overtrimmed weed, and let’s all enjoy better cannabis!