New Etsy Store

I am super stoked and excited to share with you my brand new Etsy shop. It features my fine art, which is just as much my passion as graphic design. Currently for sale are my professionally offset-printed watercolor greeting cards, and I plan on adding more cards of my photorealism portraits and drawings, as well as t-shirts. I will eventually add a store here on this website and offer these products directly, but it was easy to set up the Etsy store and I’ve already had a ton of sales. That encouraged me to bring my greeting cards to various brick and mortar shops in my local hometown, and after two stores agreed to carry them I am stoked that my cards are now on display to the general public at traditional retail outlets.

I was very surprised to find out how reasonable it was to get my art professionally printed at a commercial printshop. It allows me to make a generous markup and still offer people a great value. The feedback I’ve gotten from my Etsy site is also very encouraging, with lots of nice people I’ve never met saying things like they wish they could have the originals so they could hang them and frame them. It almost makes me want to get back into just doing fine art and leaving all this carrot-chasing web design to those people who can’t actually make art and have to stare at a screen all day. It’s so much more satisfying to create original art that people like and want, and as I write this I’m determined to put more energy towards creating fine art every day.

One of my favorite series of paintings I’ve done recently are my pen and ink renditions of disc golf courses that I play on an almost daily basis. I was worried they would seem a little kitschy but my dad said he loved them and wanted me to get them up on my Etsy site asap, so that’s on my list of things to do. Having a large stash of previously made images in the form of watercolors and drawings is handy for a graphic designer who knows how to expertly bring those images onto a computer and then to a print shop. It’s also a danger however, as it allows me to produce reproductions of art I created a long time ago, and allow the temptation of letting that be good enough to prevent me from continuing to produce new pieces, which is a must for any true artist.

Anyway, just wanted to announce my Etsy store, you may have already found it here on this site by clicking on the Art link from the main menu, which now takes you directly to the Etsy store. If you haven’t visited the store, well, there’s the link in the menu bar so why not give it a whirl?