Mighty Medic Cannabis Flower Vaporizer Review

My first time using this amazing flower vape was in Berlin. I was attending a cannabis conference at the Maritim Hotel, and had just come from a 2-day layover in Amsterdam, where I had access to a Volcano Vaporizer at Barney’s Coffeeshop. Once in Berlin, however, I was resigned to the fact that I’d probably have to actually burn my weed in a bong or a joint (I didn’t bring weed from Amsterdam as I had a connection in Berlin for some pretty amazing weed and figured why take the risk 0f flying with it).

I was in the penthouse suite of the Maritim, perusing an array of good weed, and there were a bunch of people gathered there all smoking weed and drinking German beer. I lamented out loud that I wished I had a vape for this good weed so I could actually taste it, and some guy busted out a Mighty Medic and handed it to me. I inspected it and discovered it was made by Storz & Bickel, the same German company that made the Volcano vaporizer I’d been using in Amsterdam. 

I was hoping the Mighty Medic would deliver the same level of flavor I was used to back in the States, where I have an old-school Vapor Brothers brown box vape with the added addition of a custom glass piece in place of the rubber hose that normally comes with the Vapor Brothers box (I’d lost the rubber hose in a hotel room in Eugene while attending an Oregon Ducks game and a glass blower friend made me my custom glass piece which made the flavor of any weed amazing, see my post about that).

However, I’d used a Volcano vaporizer many times and knew there was almost no flavor imparted as it involves filling a giant bag (that’s already mostly full of air) with vape vapors and the flavor gets lost with all that extra air in the bag. And seeing how this Mighty Medic was from the same company, I didn’t have big expectations that I’d get the full flavor I was used to from my Vapor Brothers box.

Boy was I wrong! The flavor from the Mighty Medic was absolutely on par with what I was used to back in Oregon, and I thanked the guy in the hotel room for letting me use it. He worked for Vice Magazine, and was a really cool dude. He told me I could keep his vape for the duration of my trip in Berlin (which was only the three days of the conference), and get it back to him before I left. I was so stoked to get such a nice vape within minutes of arriving for my first time in Berlin, and from a guy I’d just met.

Then, another person in the room said he’d give me a tour of Berlin that afternoon, if I promised to bring the Mighty Medic along and vape him out along the way. It was so cool hitting the vape at the Brandenberg gate, and on the steps at the very spot where Hitler stood and addressed all those soldiers (not that I’m a fan of Hitler in any way, just thought it was cool to be standing at that spot vaping cannabis and hoping that somewhere it was pissing Hitler off).

I used the Medic throughout my stay in Berlin that year, and even though it was a great vape I didn’t end up buying one when I got back to the States after my conference, as I couldn’t really justify the $400 price tag when I already had such a great vape (even though my Vapor Brothers vape isn’t portable).

Fast forward to the following year when I’m at the same cannabis conference in Berlin, at the same hotel, and I meet the same guy again in the penthouse and again get to use his vape, and again he offers it to me for the duration of my stay. This time, however, he mentions that the founder of Storz & Bickel, Jorgen Bickel, is an exhibitor at the cannabis conference and that I should approach him and say I’m some kind of big deal in the States with my nickname VaporDave, in the hopes that he’ll kick me down a free vaporizer. I told the guy I already knew Storz & Bickel were exhibitors at the cannabis conference as I was the Creative Director of the cannabis conference (the International Cannabis Business Conference, or ICBC), and that I’d had to put the Storz & Bickel logo on the exhibitors page on the conference website. Also, I told him I would feel weird representing myself as some bigwig just in the hopes of getting a free vape.

But then, a few hours later, I was downstairs checking out the exhibitors area while everyone was setting up, and I passed by the Storz & Bickel table. I stopped and chatted with the guy manning the table, who turned out to be Jorgen Bickel himself. We talked for a bit, and he gave me his business card and I gave him mine. He looked at it and saw my name on the business card (listed as VaporDave) and asked me the story behind that name. I told him the story (see my bio for that one) and he reached down under the table and brought out a brand new Mighty Medic still in the box and said I should have it. I had to laugh inside cuz here was the manifestation of the scenario the guy upstairs had suggested I try, but not really because I didn’t have to pretend to be some famous vape influencer, nor was I even thinking I’d be getting a vape at all.

So then I had two Mighty Medics, the one the guy upstairs had let me borrow and my brand new one in the box. I was on my way back upstairs to give the guy back his Mighty Medic when I realized I didn’t want to open my brand new one in the box as I wanted to get it through U.S. customs with zero THC anywhere on it. So, I never told the guy who let me borrow his vape that I had a brand new one, and continued to use the one he’d let me borrow. I felt a little bad keeping the guy’s vape for three days, but he seemed perfectly willing to let me use it.

This vape is perfect for disc golf, and I was even able to sneak it into the Rose Bowl this year (which made everyone go through a metal detector, so I just put the vape in my Ducks hat and placed it in the little tray they give you to empty your pockets and then picked it back up after going through, they didn’t even check my hat). Somehow hitting the vape in the Rose Bowl made the herb taste even sweeter than normal. Highly recommended if you can afford it.