Pencil on Claybord.

After using Claybord, drawing on paper seems very crude. The tooth of the paper affects the quality of the line, pulling it one way or another in a direction you weren’t planning on. I wasn’t fully aware how rough even the smoothest paper is compared to Claybord until I was visiting an art gallery in Ashland, Oregon and I saw some amazing pencil drawings. The artist was there for the opening, and I asked him how he got his detail so fine and he introduced me to Claybord.

This drawing took an insanely long time due to the amount of detail I put into it, but the Claybord really made me fall in love with photorealism. The original photo was taken by my twin brother somewhere in Northern India, and I took artistic license with the guy to make him look super intense. His missing teeth were the motivating factor for this decision.

Perhaps the most challenging part was “drawing” the white beard hairs, which of course aren’t drawn at all. The drawing consisted in filling in the tiny areas of darks that surrounded each and every hair.