Public Consumption in Berlin.

As I sat on a bench with a borrowed Mighty Medic vape, I observed a woman take up a spot on a bench next to mine. She got comfortable, taking off her jacket, and proceeded to drink a big bottle of Beck’s beer she’d just pulled out of her purse. This woman did not look around to see if anyone was watching, nor did she have her beer hidden in a brown bag. She just sat down on a bench that was already occupied by a woman she apparently didn’t know, and popped out her beer as an American would pop out a bottle of soda, with not a care in the world. This woman wasn’t some delinquent alcoholic living in the park, she was very well dressed and coiffed. Watching her sit there and enjoy her bottle of beer while relaxing on a park bench, I was acutely aware of the cultural difference in public alcohol consumption that exists when one compares the U.S. to Germany. In Berlin there didn’t seem to be any fear or shame of public alcohol consumption, and I wondered if the same attitude would be given towards public consumption of cannabis. As I puffed on my vape, the woman and I made eye contact. She smiled at me, I smiled back, and my question was answered.