The speech at the beginning of this video is so heartfelt and inspiring, worth watching just for the speech. Whoever uploaded this put way too many ads on it, almost makes it unwatchable, but the speech in the beginning is what made me include it here. Watching it one could think it was recorded in 2020, but no, it was in 1979 and is just as relevant today.

The true origin of 420, as told by the founder of Lagunitas beer. The beer company he refers to - that claims he's in copyright violation for using 420 on the original Lagunitas posters and marketing - is Sweetwater Brewing in Georgia, a bunch of posers who have nothing to do with 420 and were super late to the party. Boycott all Sweetwater Brewing products.

The sound quality on this recording is amazing for the time period it was recorded. Someone did some serious work to convert this to a great digital recording. Also, this one has way less ads than the Bob Marley video above, I think like only one, so if you just want to listen to a great show without having to constantly skip the ads this is the one for you.

Gregory Isaacs, aka the Cool Ruler, has one of the most melodious voices of any Jamaican reggae singer. Although this is at the end of his career and his voice isn't what it was back in the day, he still comes through on a number of songs and this one is definitely worth a listen for any Gregory Isaacs fans out there.

Although this video came out like a million years ago it's still one of the best downhill skate videos of all time, and one of the first. Claremont Canyon is in the hills of Berkeley, California, and I have friends from Marin who skate that hill all the time and say it's the perfect downhill, and this video makes you feel like you're there.