Someone just texted me about how the mainstream media is saying vaping exacerbates Covid-19, as if all vaping were created equally. There is a huge difference between vaping tobacco, a plant with the distinction of containing nicotine, a substance for which science has found only one use, as an insecticide. Yes, look it up. Meanwhile, THC has been proven by a U.S. government peer-reviewed study to be an effective bronchodilator. A bronchodilator helps open the airways in our lungs, and bronchodilators are prescribed by doctors everyday for patients with respiratory conditions such as asthma. It's only because THC is illegal at the federal level that U.S. doctors cannot prescribe it as a bronchodilator. But to lump in THC vaping with tobacco vaping is as false as the CBS news report that used footage from an Italian hospital when making claims that New York City hospitals were overrun with Covid-19 cases. Again, look it up. So, please, if you're going to bash on vaping, please bash on the vaping of insecticides, which applies to any and all tobacco vaping, and not at all to THC, the psychoactive molecule found in cannabis. It would be interesting to get a cross-reference for how many Covid-19 cases are found in people who smoke tobacco, and for how many are for people who don't smoke tobacco or cannabis, and for people who only smoke or vape cannabis. If you use tobacco and cannabis you automatically qualify as the tobacco crowd, as unfortunately THC doesn't negate the fatal effects of nicotine.