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The old-school brown box vaporizer by VaporBrothers is still the best dry herb (flower) vaporizer on the market, with one exception, the plastic tube attachment that comes with the unit. Once you find yourself a glass blower to make you a custom all-glass piece to use on your VaporBrothers vaporizer (as shown in the photo above) you’ll have the best non-portable vaporizer setup available. I say non-portable because the VaporBrothers box plugs into a standard wall outlet, but an enterprising person will notice that there are plenty of power outlets all over the place, like in your car, or at the base of a city tree that has lights plugged in, or on a wall outside a bakery on Haight Street in San Francisco, or even inside an art gallery opening full of people you don’t know, tucked in next to the couch where you can plug your vaporizer in and take a stealth hit. So, even though the VaporBrothers box has to be plugged in, that doesn’t necessarily make it non-portable.

Anyway, let’s look at what makes the VaporBrothers box (with the custom glass piece) the best vaporizer on the market. The most important feature is that the heating element is ceramic, not metal, and it’s encased in glass. This means that you won’t have heavy metals offgassing into your lungs when you take a vape from the VaporBrothers vaporizer. If you’re a heavy or regular user of vaporizers this is something that your body will really appreciate in the long term.

Another important feature of the VaporBrothers unit is the amazing flavor it delivers. When the dial is turned to a low-temp setting, you get the full flavor of all the terpenoids available in the flower you have. Of course, the better the cure on the flower, and the less the flower has been trimmed, the better the flavor will be.

With all the vapes on the market these days it’s a tough choice knowing which one to choose. If you want maximum portability this vape isn’t for you. If you want maximum convenience this vape isn’t for you. If, however, you have patience, and don’t need your vape session to be a quick and hurried affair, then the VaporBrothers box with the custom glass piece is your best bet.