What Strain Not to Smoke for Disc Golf

Okay, another disc golf strain review. This time it’s Wedding Cake, which I love. It totally reminds me of some old-school Afghani we were getting back in the late 80s. If you eat a leaf of it (providing you know the grower and the lack of pesticides) it’s got a nice earthy taste and the vape is so smooth on the intake, with the unmistakeable spicyness of a true Afghani indica.

However, as much as I love this strain, I think perhaps it’s one to vape after disc golf, as a way of celebrating and unwinding. I was playing my favorite course up in the mountains of Oregon with a friend passing through from Berkeley and decided to hit the Wedding Cake pre-game. My first throw hit a close tree, and my second throw as well. I bogied the hole, which was one of the easy ones on that course. I continued by getting another bogey on Hole 2 after missing a ten foot putt. I mentioned that maybe it was the weed I’d vaped, and my friend said they have a running joke down in Berkeley about strains they nickname “Miss A Putt” and other variations on that theme.

I thought maybe I’d vape my way out of it but no, after vaping another round my throws just kept getting comically bad. I ended up a 12 or 13 over, easily my worst score at that course in five years. It was kind of a bummer, but not that bad cuz I was so vaped out on Wedding Cake that I didn’t even really let it affect me.

So, if you want to look bad at disc golf, or you’re just so damned good that you need a handicap, I strongly recommend vaping some Wedding Cake before your round.