about me

I've been doing graphic design and illustration on the Macintosh platform for oh, I don't know, a gazillion years now. With a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Oregon's School of Architecture & Allied Arts and a Certificate of Completion from the Philadelphia College of Art, my love of graphic design originates from my love of typography.
Although I was born in Chicago, I grew up in Philadelphia back when subway graffiti was still in its infancy, and I loved the daily exposure I was receiving to these unique letterforms.
Winning my first design contest at the tender age of five, when I submitted a drawing to Apple Jacks cereal and received an actual $5 bill in the mail, I knew my career path early.
An expert in the Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, my biggest claims to fame are the creation of the Jerome Baker logo (shown on my shirt here), as well as being one of those kids who was running behind Rocky in the movie (I'll never forget Stallone telling us where to run with the steam of his breath coming out while he wore his grey hoodie).
I've held various salaried positions including a ten-year stint at Home Power magazine where I learned to run InDesign in my sleep, as well as being Creative Director of the International Cannabis Business Conference with events in Barcelona, Berlin, San Francisco and Zurich.
I love creative projects, whether it's crafting a logo, a print advertisement, a package design or even an email marketing campaign, and I created this entire website in WordPress, along with many others for various clients. I'm always interested in new projects so if you're interested hit me up here.