monumental medicinals

Monumental Medicinals is an Oregon CBD company offering a wide array of products, including vape pens, topical salves and tinctures.

vector logo design

The client wanted to use Pilot Rock, a local landmark, for their design, so I found a photo and cleaned it up in Adobe Photoshop then brought it into Adobe Illustrator where I vectorized it by playing with the autotrace features until I found a good balance of detail and color. From there the lettering for the logo was added and the client requested it be in a circle so I inversed the darker brown color to discover this wonderful blue.

full product line

I set this photo up by finding an extra large sheet of white paper, which I then carefully adjusted so there was a curve to the back of it, and set the products up on the base of the paper. I really like how the vape pen is resting against the curve of the white paper, creating a natural drop shadow to match the other natural drop shadows. I tweaked the levels in Photoshop to create a pure white for where the paper was, then went back in and pumped the color vibrancy and contrast that were lost as a result of creating the pure white background.

trade show banner

Using a version of the logo without the circle, along with the product photo I'd created, I designed this vinyl signage for the table the client had at a local cannabis business conference event. Of course I had to try the product out ; )