big island brewhaus

Big Island Brewhaus is a Hawaiian brewery with distribution only on the islands of Hawaii. The founder and head brewer is originally from Oregon, and also created the recipe for the famous Coconut Porter from Maui Brewing, where he worked prior to opening his own brewery on the Big Island.

22 oz. bottle label
coconut cream ale

I wanted this label to feel light and airy and refreshing to reflect the flavor of the beer. The silhouette style of the characters is a continuation of the design motif for previous labels I did for this brewery, as you will see below. Art created by hand then manually traced in Adobe Illustrator using the pen tool. This illustration was then placed in Adobe InDesign for final label assembly. I chose a tropical-island font here to represent coconuts.

22 oz. bottle label
red sea of cacao

My favorite part of creating the illustration for this label was making the cacao fruits on the tree behind the characters, and I really like the way the moonlight reflects on some of them. This was a tricky illustration as the client wanted a nighttime scene but as a designer I knew it couldn't be too dark, especially the signature part of the design, the red sea.

22 oz. bottle label
holy humulus

The Latin term for hops is humulus lupulus, and I thought an illustration of someone praying to a young hops seedling would be the perfect way to continue the design motif of the man in the hat silhouette. The hop cones above him are juicy and bright and attract the customer looking for a very hop-forward beer.

22 oz. bottle label
golden sabbath

The illustration for this label represents a departure from the main silhouette character, as the client wanted to use this piece of clip art (the hooded character). I made it my own by eliminating the original hands of the character, which were in prayer, and added the hands holding the glass of beer. For this, I used a photo of my own hands in that position as the basis for the drawing and then superimposed them into the overall design. The third image shown here is a photo I took of this beer when I was last in Hawaii, accompanying a bowl of fresh poké.