case study: Jamaica joel's

Projects include logo and mural.
Jamaica Joel's has been voted the best cannabis dispensary in Eugene, Oregon by the Eugene Weekly for the past three years (2022, 2021, and 2020), and that's with zero social media presence. Unlike the out-of-touch media outlets owned by Meta (Facebook and Instagram), the Eugene Weekly is the voice of the people in the community, people who actually live there.

Look who stopped by!
Snoop Dogg in da house.


In addition to Snoop posing in front of my logo, I also was honored to have Tommy Chong pose with me and some friends in front of my completed mural inside the Jamaica Joel's dispensary as shown below.
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    Tommy Chong poses with me and some friends in front of completed mural.
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what's up with that?

Just 8% of all cannabis CEOs are women, and that number is even smaller for women of color.

Packaging Design For An Oregon Cannabis Farm. Details

Cannabis Business Conference Branding. Learn More

Beer Labels & Illustration. View Project

print ad campaign
in dope magazine

As fun as website design can be, I still love designing full page print ads, such as this ad campaign for Angel Industries, an Oregon cannabis company. Unlike web design, there's so much more room for creativity and elements stay where you put them ; )

a timely t-shirt design

Given the amount of electric vehicles on the road these days, along with the obscene price of gas, I just had to make this limited edition t-shirt. Sold out for now, look for another batch coming soon!
Boycott Petroleum T-Shirt

Branding a CBD Company. View Project

Labels for Big Island Brewhaus. Learn More


Last but not least is my most famous work, the original Jerome Baker logo. I created this in 1996 when no one even knew about vector art. Note, there is a Wikipedia page that has a false owner given credit for this work. This is 100% my work, created by pencil and scanned into Photoshop and then turned into a vector file using Adobe Streamline, a now-deprecated app that used to be the only way to turn raster art into vector art back in 1996.

your brand, your style

Rather than impose a particular style of my own and take the risk that all my work looks the same, I instead create logos to represent how a company or business should represent itself visually. 
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custom built wordpress websites

If you can dream it I can build it. 

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