January 18, 2023

Living in the 420 Flow

Featured image for “Living in the 420 Flow”

When you’ve been living in the 420 flow for as long as I have (mid 1980s), the 420 gods sometimes just can’t help themselves and do funny stuff like this. I was creating this super-hard-to-read post about the origins of 420 for my Instagram (see below), and I intentionally made the foreground and background have almost the same greyscale value (when working with color you have both how light and dark the color is, which is its greyscale value, and you also have the hue, which is its color). I did this for no other reason than to make it hard for people on cannabis to read, and to wonder if it was the effect of the cannabis in their system or if it really was super hard on the eyes.

Origins of 420

Anyway, I had created the type in Adobe Illustrator and imported it into Photoshop to make the specific size Instagram likes for optimized posts, and when I went to save the file as a JPEG I slid the compression slider to High, which of course was a natural choice for a graphic about 420. I sat there for awhile going “no way, no fucking way!” after seeing the file size my graphic about 420 was going to be with the High setting…exactly 420.0 kb!!!


It’s times like this that you know there’s some higher power at work in the universe, and it has a sense of humor and irony.